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Before you book your unforgettable Kilima Camp adventure, we highly recommend checking our Essential Travel Information page. Visiting Kilima Camp requires some planning, and this page provides valuable information on how to reach us by air or by road.

If you need assistance with transport arrangements, we're here to help! Our team can take care of your transportation needs, ensuring a smooth journey to our camp.

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Gold Eco-rated Medal Logo

Conserving paradise: Kilima Camp's eco-friendly practices

Embracing eco-tourism: Kilima Camp's gold eco-rating milestone

Aerial photo of Kilima Camp

Environmental Management & Conservation

Sustainable design and low environmental footprint

At Kilima Camp, we understand the importance of preserving the natural environment. Our camp is designed to have a minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

We use eco-friendly materials in the construction of our facilities, invest in renewable energy sources like wind turbines, and maintain our own water source with two dams filled by rainwater. The guest tents are elevated to ensure minimal disruption to the natural habitat below.

Wildlife Conservation Initiatives

Fostering wildlife protection and conservation efforts

Our commitment to protecting the local wildlife is unwavering. We collaborate with conservation organizations to support various initiatives aimed at preserving the region's biodiversity.

Kilima Camp provides a sanctuary for local wildlife and actively participates in monitoring and protecting endangered species in the area.

A Kilima Camp guide looking at elephants from a 4x4 game drive car.
2 Kilima Camp gardeners planting crops in our eco-garden

Embracing Sustainability

Eco-conscious practices for a greener experience

At Kilima Camp, we encourage responsible tourism by adopting eco-conscious practices throughout our operations. We focus on waste management, recycling, and the efficient use of water and energy resources.

Our staff is trained in sustainable practices, and we engage our guests in environmental education programs to ensure everyone plays a part in preserving the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Waste & Water Management

Preserving resources through mindful practices

At Kilima Camp, we prioritize responsible waste disposal and recycling practices to minimize our environmental impact.

We diligently separate and recycle waste materials, and we actively engage in water conservation measures to preserve this valuable resource. Our efforts include the use of reusable water bottles, the implementation of dual flush toilet systems, and utilizing our own water source with two dams that are naturally filled by rainwater and filtered for use.

By focusing on efficient waste and water management, as well as harnessing green energy from our wind turbines, we ensure a greener and more sustainable experience for our guests and the surrounding environment.

Photo of Kilima Camp's water management system and solar panels.