Our local safari guides

The key factor to any Safari is your Guide. Our Safari guides know that they hold it in their hands to make or break dreams, YOUR DREAMS. This is the reason why our guides sit at the heart of the Kilima Camp guest experience. Our guides will do all to make your dreams come true and make sure you have memories for a lifetime.

Our Guides are LOCAL and they have a lot of EXPERIENCE in the area. They know the area and the Mara Triangle better than anybody else. They are out on game drives every day and all year round – Mara Triangle offer amazing game viewing twelve months of the year. They have been carefully selected for their ability to find animals off the beaten track, for their knowledge and experiences of the bush and their commitment to guest safety and satisfaction.

They will listen to you and your wishes. You will be asked what you would like to see and they will make sure that they do the best to find it! If you want to spot one of the black rhinos we have in the Triangle, or if you want to see cheethas, they will make all to find it. They know and learn that patience and determination are the key to the larder. As we say it is a “Game” and it is never guaranteed. By choosing Kilima Camp you are in good hands and you have the best chance to witness amazing wildlife scenery in one of the best wild game viewing area part of the word, with the best team and guides.

Safari guides
Safari guides

You will amazed by their ability to spot a cheetah, a lion or a rhino from a far far distance. Their eyes miss nothing !!! A Marshall eagle on top of a tree, a kingfisher by the River, the footprints of a leopard, the drag marks where a lion had hauled its kill through the grass…

For sure, they will show you lions and elephants and all the “usual suspects”, but it’s not just about the big charismatic animals and the big five. They will also if you wish show you some magic in smaller species, birds and butterflies and local plants.

They will adapt the way to conduct the game drives whether you are a first-timers to Africa or a old-timers.

They are QUALIFIED from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association. But more importantly they are all PASSIONATE about wildlife. They will be delighted to share their passion with our guests and show our guests awesome animals and sceneries in the most beautiful parts of Africa.

It is not only what you see

but how you see it.