FunFit4Life – Sarah and Véronique –  put a lot of energy to be part of the Cannes – Nice Marathon which took place on the 13th November 2016.  Nice – Cannes marathon is the 1st French marathon behind Paris with a 42,195 km seaside unique course between sea and palm trees. Finish line is in Cannes, nearby the famous Festival Palace of the Cannes International Film Festival.

There were in total 9 runners from FunFit4Life:

  • 1 relay with 6 runners
  • 2 runners for the semi marathon
  • 1 for the full marathon

Total of 126km and excellent results (3 h 28 m for the marathon and 3 h 50 m for the semi and 4 h 10 m for the relay). Most of the runners only started to run and train recently. It has been a great challenge.

Well done to all the runners and congratulation to the Kenyan Barnabas Kiptum who arrives first in 2 h 10 m 45 s, ahead of his compatriots Victor Kipchirchir (2 h 12m 23 s) and Michael Chege (2 h 12 m 58 s). The podium hosted the Kenyan Rose Chepchumba (2 h 36 m 03 s)!!! Well done Kenya !!!



Feeling lucky and privileged to grow up in countries where we take education for granted, however others are not so lucky, and getting educated can be a huge challenge for children indeveloping nations.

FunFit4Life has decided to raise money for a very worthwhile cause, helping to refurbish Il Tolish primary school in the Masai Mara, Kenya. The school is very close to Kilima Camp (about 10 km away from the camp).

Every little helps, so if you would like to sponsor us and learn a little more about the school please see the link below.

You can donate via the “JustGiving link“. Alternatively we are also collecting stationary items such as pens / notes books to be delivered to the school next July. For more information please contact Veronique @

Even a small amount will make a hugh difference!

Thanks for your support !