Masai Mara Great Migration has now officially began!

Great Migration  & wildebeest Migration

June in the Masai Mara was marked by spectacular sunrises, the rains this year.The first herds from the wildebeest migration, the Great Migration began to arrive end of June.
Over the past weeks the migration in the Masai Mara has been quite fast, with wildebeest covering quite some distance per day. There seems to spit into two herds which is quite unusual. One herd heading North and the other heading West.We have witnessed the 1st crossings yesterday and more today too !!!The Great Migration has now OFFICIALLY began at the Mara River this morning. We also witnessed big crossings below the Sandriver towards Mara bridge this morning and yesterday. More and much more to come and to follow !

Great Migration & predators

The Masai Mara predators (in particular lions, leopards, cheetahs and crocodiles) have been waiting for them after long lean period. Now comes the season of plenty!!! Prides of lions in the areas where the wildebeest have been spotted have already gorged themselves.  A few lion pairs have been seen to be mating too. Normally the arrival of the wildebeests triggers mating among the lions as it is believed that they want to have their cubs when the wildebeests are still in the Mara. The average gestation period is around 110 days / just above 3 and a half months.
The stage is now set for hunting activities in the Mara, as the predators seize the opportunity.
Great sightings to witness with lions and crocodiles hunting. You have also more chance and opportunities to see the fabulous leopard and cheetah hunting too.

Great Migration & why Kilima Camp Mara Mara? 

At Kilima Camp offers a UNIQUE base to explore the Mara Triangle, the most preserved and unspoiled part of the Masai Mara with very few camps and lodges, resulting in the lowest density of visitors and cars in the greater Masai Mara (even during the Great Migration). We have fast access to the main crossing points and it is not unusual to see 20 vehicles on the otherwise of the Mara River, whereas we are a few (max 4 or 5) on our Western side of the Masai Mara.

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