Social Aspects

Conservation in the Maasai Mara and its people, the Maasai (the Masai) is of paramount importance for Kilima Camp.

Preservation of the wildlife, conservation of the environment, land issues, preservation of human local community, the Maasai (Masais) and tourist practices have been focussed on.

Thanks to the efforts of Kilima Camp in the preservation and conservation fields, the Eco-tourism Kenya has awarded a Silver Medal to Kilima Camp which performed well in most of the assessment criteria inluding having clear benefits to the local community supporting the Masai cultural village and local projets.

Kilima Camp pays a substantial annual lease fee to the local Maasai landowners. To survive throughout the year, many animal species need natural dispersal areas outside the current protected units and the boundaries of the Masai Mara. By paying a substantial annual lease fee to the local Maasai communities (Masai communities), Kilima Camp provides an economic incentive to these Masai communities (Maasai communities) and enables these Masai communities (Maasai communities) to continue living the traditional way in harmony with wildlife. Without such an incentive, the fertile lands around the official game reserve of the Masai Mara would undoubtedly be converted in the short term to agriculture.
Kilima Camp has finally contributed to build the former manyatta (Masai settlement – Masai Village) which was abandonned. A good part of the fee paid by Kilima Camp guests for visiting the manyatta (Masai settlement – Masai Village) of our Maasai landowners goes back to the Masai Communities (Maasai communities).
Most of Kilima Camp’ staff belongs to the local Maasai communities (Maasai communities).
Kilima Camp buys locally as many supplies (food…) as possible.
All the profits from the sales of Masai handicraft items purchased by Kilima Camp guests during the visit of the manyatta (Masai settlement – Masai Village) go back to the women selling theses items.
Kilima Camp financially support Il Toshi Junior School, a local Maasai Primary School which is located a few kilometers from Kilima Camp. The children of the managers and staff working for the lodges and camps around go to this Bush School.

In 2016, a 300 Acre Private Sanctuary  has been established on the Siria escarpment around Kilima Camp. It provides safe heaven for our wildlife and also protects and support the local committees by contributing towards eduction and job opportunities.