Private Sanctuary

On the edge of the Siria escarpment, Kilima Camp is ideally located bordering the Oloololo conservancy with a close proximity to the Mara Triangle, the most preserved and unspoiled part of the Masai Mara. There are very few camps and lodges, resulting in the lowest density of visitors and cars in the greater Masai Mara.

Conservation has always been of paramount importance to Kilima Camp. For us, being private and surrounded by wildlife and within a beautiful landscape is “Luxury”.

Protecting our habitat as well as preserving our environment, the Eco Society of Kenya has awarded us a Silver Medal in July 2013.

The 300 Acre Private Sanctuary was established not only to preserve its environment but also provide safe haven for our wildlife. On the other hand, Kilima Camp is protecting and supporting the community by providing / contributing towards education as well as job opportunities and employment among other activities.

Wildlife found within Kilima Camp Private Sanctuary:

  • Leopard and lion
  • Cheetha, genet cat, civet cat
  • Hyena
  • Mountain buck, zebra, eland, impala, topi, dik dik, klipspringer
  • Baboon, warthog, hare, porcupine, bush baby, hippo
  • and more than 250 bird species.

By visiting Kilima Camp Sanctuary, you are playing a vital role in supporting the cultural heritage of our Masai people, their future education and to maintain a safe haven for our fauna and flora. The sanctuary fee is channeled back into our community and the protection of area making the project sustainable and lasting.

Sanctuary fees will be charged as follow:

  • Non residents: $5 per adult and $2.50 per child per day
  • Residents: Kshs 500 per adult and Kshs 250 per child per day
  • Free for child below 4y