Kilima Camp does not only strive to offer an unforgettable experience of the African bush in one of the best wildlife areas in the world, the Masai Mara ecosystem (Maasai Mara Ecosystem). The Eco-friendly lodge also wants to contribute to the conservation of the Masai Mara Ecosystem (Maasai Mara Ecosystem) as well as to the well-being of the local Maasai communities.

The Eco-tourism Kenya has awarded a Gold Medal it to Kilima Camp. The Eco-friendly camp performed well in most of the assessment criteria: efforts to reduce the facility’s ecological footprint by design and forestation, extensive use of solar energy, water conservation and having clear benefits to the local community including supporting the Masai cultural village.

The Eco-friendly camp prides itself on being the only camp in the Masai Mara (Maasai Mara) to be completely self-sufficient in water. A purpose built dam collects up to 12,000m3 of rainwater, which is then purified prior to reaching each individual safari tent where guests can enjoy hot running showers.
With solar power, hurricane lamps and candles for lighting (which also add to the experience) as well as an effective waste management scheme, one can be safe in the knowledge that a stay at Kilima Camp has a minimal impact on the local environment and the Masai Mara Ecosystem (Maasai Mara Ecosystem) .
Over 800 indigenous African trees have been planted since its owners, whose commitment to the environment remains of paramount importance, first built the eco-friendly camp.
The Eco-friendly camp uses gas bottles for cooking, as to limit cutting trees by using charcoal.
The Eco-friendly camp uses dead wood for evening fires and African sundowners.
All those who come to Kilima Camp can be sure that their visit at Kilima Camp has a minimum effect on the ecosystem of Masai Mara (the ecosystem of Maasai Mara).

We will be happy to let anyone interested visiting our facilities and the back of the “house”, So do not hesitate to ask our manager!