Breathtaking Aerial Photography Opportunities on Helicopter Safari

We now have the possibility to organise a helicopter safari in the Masai Mara. The Robinson Helicopter is positioned in the Masai Mara this August on the Siria escapement, close to Kilima Camp and available for immediate bookings.

This is a unique opportunity and a fantastic photography adventure.

What can be hours of road travel becomes a short ‘chopper’ flight. For one hour you fly over the Masai Mara – Serengeti ecosystem and be camera-ready to photograph something unusual and from a totally different perspective. Unique and specials shots that can only be possible from a flight in a helicopter.

It is also the Great Migration period and you will have an abundance of sights to see. Capturing on film the ultimate perspective of a migrating herd of Wildebeest will be personal pictures and videos of a lifetime. You will also enjoy an un-paralleled view of Kenya’s stunning scenery whilst airborne over the Mara River and on the edge of the Siria escapement / Oloololo escapement. The whole flight experience will be an exhilarating one.

Peter’s Robinson Helicopter R44-Raven II can carry up to 3 passengers. Doors can be removed, at the guest’s request, which is better for photography.

Any tour can be customised to meet specific needs, though remain subject to park regulations, Kenya air law and weather

Maximum weight limitations of passengers and luggage also apply. Peter is a very experienced pilot and is passionate about conservation and wildlife himself. Here are some suggestions of what could be arranged (prices upon request).

  • 1 to 2 hours Masai Mara Helicopter Safari
    Start with a low level flight over the Mara River outside the park, climbing the escarpment (Oloololo escarpment / Siria escarpment where Kilima Camp is located) and following it all the way south to the Serengeti border, flying along the Kenya – Tanzania border over the wilderness area of the Mara Triangle, meeting up with the Mara River again and following the River up stream to complete the circuit. 

We can extend the tour for an other hour towards Sand River, Loita Hills and Talek River.
2 ½ hours Masai Mara – Ruma National Park – Lake Victoria – Rusinga Island Resort  Helicopter Safari
    Masai Mara – Oloololo Escarpment / Siria Escapement – Homa Bay – Landing at Ruma National Park with a possible game drive with KWS to see the rare Rowan Antilope and White Rhinos. (Park Fees and Game Drive at extra cost) – takeoff and flight to Rusinga Island Resort for lunch (lunch at clients expense) – back to Kilima Camp Masai Mara via Nyakweri Forest.
  • 3 hours Masai Mara – Lake Magadi Helicopter Safari
    Flight across the Mara Plains, climbing the Loita Hills and Ngurumans, very scenic drop of 4.000ft into the Rift Valley, flying along the shores of lake Magadi and looking for flamingos and other wildlife. Landing at a very remote place along the western shores of Lake Magadi for a picnic lunch. Fly back to Kilima Camp and the Masai Mara.
  • 1 ½ hours Wildlife Conservation Helicopter Safari
    We can also offer an active participation in conservation by looking for known elephants (mostly bulls and matriarchs) which are collared and where we have the real-time coordinates. The objective will be to have a very close look at the elephant for injuries, behaviour and verify that the animal is fine and in good shape and will include of taking some close-up pictures. 
After this we will fly to the Mara Elephant Camp, reporting the sightings and receive a tour of the projects operations, their camp set up and the Elephant monitoring program by one of their Rangers. 
A fee / cost contribution of $100 per person to be paid directly to the project. This will be of great assistance to the elephant project and a valuable contribution to conservation.

Longer flights can be arranged as well as private transfers.

Flying at an average speed of 170km/hour we have a travel range of about 500km before requiring refuelling. We can organise longer helicopter safaris, including to our neighbours of Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, on request, and coordinate for fuel even in remote locations in Kenya while providing a stellar air safari along the way.

The hourly helicopter charge is $320 per person based on a minimum of 3 guests sharing.

For more information please contact