Other activities

Several bush extra activities can be proposed to make your stay at Kilima Camp even more interesting, enjoyable and rewarding.



Our Masai guides will teach you how to use a Masai spear, Masai bow and Masai arrows. Would you be a good Masai warrior, a good Masai ?Kilima Camp Archery

Becoming a Masai warrior, Masai Moran is the big dream of each Masai boy. The task of the Masai warriors is to protect their village, their community and cattle against wild animals and other tribes.

Masai men move through several stages during their life, and the Masai warrior (Masai Moran) stage is one of them.

One ritual that is outlawed, but still practised in the area, says a Masai warrior, Masai Moran, must kill a lion using only a spear. This way he proves his manhood.

It is sad that traditional practises and belief still endanger protected wildlife species!  Believes and behaviour have to changed!  IVORY is not a symbol of wealth, RHINO HORN powder is not a cure to all diseases … LION hunt is not a sign or bravery…


Discover the traditional way of life of the local Masai people and visit the Masai Manyatta (Masai village) nearby.

Discover the traditional way of life of the local Masai people: The Manyatta (Masai village) you will be invited into is not an artificial tourist trap. As the exclusive guests of Kilima Camp, you are invited into the Masai village, Masai Manyatta where the family of our landowners and Masai landlords still live.

After a gentle downhill stroll of 10 to 15 minutes, your Masai guide and Masai escort will lead you into the family Masai village surrounded by a fence made of thorny tree branches. You will discover the way of life of the Masai people, one of the few peoples in the world that preferred to stick to the Masai traditional way of life instead of succumbing to the lures of modern life.

You visit the Masai houses in the Masai village (Masai Manyatta) and the Boma (or Kraal) where the precious cattle (cows, sheep and goats) are sheltered every night.

Masai handicraft items are offered for sale by the Masai women: feel entirely free to buy or not (and bargain with the Masai women)…

The duration of the Manyatta visit, the Masai village visit is between 1 and 1 ½ hour in total; the  Masai village visit, the Manyatta visit can be arranged at any time of the day during your stay at Kilima Camp. Price is $20 per person. The majority of the fee goes to the Masai village and the members for Masai Manyatta.


In 2009, Kilima Camp has decided to support Il Tolish Junior School, a local community based public primary school from Nursery to Class 3.

There are now more than 330 children in this Masai school. Kilima Camp pays the salary of one teacher (since 2009). Theprimary school has been in operation since 2007. At that time, there was only 1 class – about 30 children.

If you wish to help and support the school and the children, while visiting Kilima Camp, you can bring some pencils, English books or school supplies.

You can also donate and each penny will make a big difference. Here is a list of items and needs.
Classroom for $18 000
1 teacher salary $1,500 / year (there are 13 teachers now)
Books pencils etc from $100 / year
School fee for 1 kid for 1 year from $250

Kilima Camp is willing to raise money to built dormitories for the children so they will not have to walk back home in the wild every night. For 120 kids dormitories the budget is about $120,000.

Kilima Camp - masai - school visit

Kilima Camp’s guests and their children can visit the bush school. Kilima Camp - masai - school visitKilima Camp - masai - school visitThe children on holiday can spend some time with the new Kenyan friends, with the Kenyan children in their own environment which is very different from what your children are used to.

The Masai bush school visit will be an interesting opportunity for your children to learn and to share something very different with the Masai local community and to learn more about their way of life.

Fly Camping

We can now offer to our clients the possibility to have a very unique bush experience: fly camping in the bush ! Furthermore, private bush lunch and bush dinner can be arranged upon request on our concession with prior notice.

Depending on the season and on the consequent wildlife movement, we mount a simple fly camp (mobile camp) either on the banks of a river or on the plains of the Mara Triangle.

The fly camp team will make sure you have a safe, comfortable and unforgettable adventure. The facilities at the fly camp will include a hot safari shower (bucket shower), a toilet tent and twin tents with safari beds. The vehicle for your game drives will be a specially equipped 4×4 WD.

Our guests will enjoy a drink next to the fire, on the river banks or in the plains thriving with wildlife. This bush experience will make anyone feels like the first hunters. Dinner under the stars will be unforgettable.

It won’t be as comfortable as Kilima Camp but it will be unforgettable.

Min. stay: 2 nights in our Fly Camp combined with 3 nights at Kilima Camp on Package
Minimum: 2 adults
Rates: same as our Package Rates
Staff: Driver – Guide, a Chef – housekeeper & a Masai Guard
Location: One of the 8 private campsites located at stunning locations along the Mara River or on the plains in the Mara Triangle or a private campsite on the bank of the Mara River
Inclusion: Accommodation in our Fly Camp on full board basis with breakfast, lunch and dinner in the bush, house wine, beers, sodas and water, Game drives in 4×4 vehicle with our professional guides
Exclusion: Suject to changes: Camping Fees ($20 per person per night and $40 from November 2010) Park Fees ($80 per person per night) and site fees (one off payment of $120 for up to 6 persons)


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