Hot Balloon Safari

The hot balloon safari over the Mara River and the Masai Mara plains is an experience you will never forget!

Early morning is the ideal time to explore the Masai Mara wilderness and the Masai Mara plains. You also have better chance to spot a elusive leopard on your way to the site from where the hot balloon safari begins.

You will leave Kilima Camp around 5:30 am.

Your hot balloon safari starts just before dawn around 6.30am. The hot balloon safari crew will complete the necessary chackings and preparations to ensure a safe and enjoyable hot balloon safari flight. You will be given by your pilot a briefing on safety procedures. Then you will be ready for our hot balloon safari adventure and you amazing flight over the Masai Mara plains and Mara River ! The powerful burners are ignited to bring the colourful craft to life.

The hot balloon is heated up. The stunning panorama unfolds as you are airborne. The hot balloon silently soars over the vast Masai Mara plains and the snaking Mara River – The wilds of Africa !

Your hot balloon gently lands on the Masai Mara plains. You will celebrate your return to hearth and your hot balloon safari flight over the Masai Mara plains and Mara Plains! You will enjoy a great breakfast near your landing site in the middle of the Masai Mara open plains. You can celebrate your hot balloon safari over the Masai Mara Plains with champagne.


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